Отгрузка: Россия, Никольское, Отраднинское ш. д. 1А.
Центральный офис: Россия, Индустриальный пр. д.45, оф. 537А


Телефон: +7(812) 677-13-75

E-mail: keramzit.nikolsky@yandex.ru

Заявки принимаются по телефонам:

+7(952) 227-52-69

+7(931) 200-70-72

Keramzit in English

On our plant you can buy any number of expanded keramzit (clay). It is possible to supply expanded keramzit as bulk or in bags, cars - at 12-50 cubic meters.
Expanded clay from our plant in St. Nicholas - an environmentally friendly and natural material, which is used not only as a placeholder in lightweight concrete, but is also an excellent insulator. Translated from the Greek for "concrete block" - a "baked clay."

On the picture you can see our factory and in front of it the truck is preparing to delivery the Keramzit as a cargo to a client during a winter time.

Expanded keramzit can be used as a filter filling in the filters clean - so you can clean the dust-laden air and water. Another concrete block can be used for foundations, basement insulation, as Gardener flat roofs, roofs with insulation or light additive for insulating walls and lightweight concrete.

Our price: 

Fraction 10-20 mm. or 20-40mm is 1570.00 Rub ($49 US), (39 Euro).

Delivery price is 6500 rub($207 US), (162 Euro). to Saint - Petersburg for 43m3.

Applications will be accepted at:  Tel. / Fax: +7 (812) 677-13-75
+7 (952) 227-52-69
+7 (931) 200-70-72
+7 (921) 313-37-83
By E-mail: keramzit.nikolsky@yandex.ru

Delivery: by our trucks from 10m3 to 54m3.In our fleet are various trucks (Kamaz 10-20m3, 30m3 Tonar, Kasetniki 35-40m3, Puhtovozy 42-54m3).

On a picture above you can see a big truck (33m3) which is ready to go for a long distance delivery, up to Viborg city through Saint-Petersburg.

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